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Free Request: Steven and Connie on the beach just hanging out.
OC Drawing: Twilight (Charizard) as a gijinka
:star-empty: Didn't start yet!

OC drawing: Maya ( reference )
Free Request: (luxio ) annoying Carla (monferno )
:star-empty: Didn't start yet!


Pages 24 and 25
:star-empty: IN PROGRESS. 24 is almost done. Building up page 25. These will be the last full pages.
No, I'm not joking. I'm being serious. After nearly six years of working on this series, I think it's time I finally draw it to a close.

I just graduated college, and I've thought long and hard about it but I think it's best to end it. I'm done with school for now and I tried to work on the comic, but I've been feeling nothing but stress and I'm just tired. I think it may have to do with the fact that I JUST graduated and that I have anxiety about being home again, but I lost motivation. I never intended for the series to last this long, I'm surprised I've lasted this long. I know other, more popular nuzlockes/artists, lasted longer than mine/me but that's because they never lost their motivation and magic. But my magic is just gone and lost.

I tried to make it more character-driven and focus less on the battles, but only then did I realize how long the script took up two and-a-half notebooks. I had started off with only game notes that I took while playing and tried to work with it. It went through at least 4 rewrites. I'll admit, I'm still not even done with it. I stopped at the 6th badge (even though I had game notes to work with)! I kept changing characters' motivations and personalities. Instead of getting to the point, I focused on details that weren't even NECESSARY. It's like, where the hell am I even going with this story?

I wanted it to be about Eliza's growth as a character, how the environment affects her and how she affects others. For the most part, I think I did okay, but the story just kept going ON AND ON. I focused on Lucas, then the side characters, then the Pokémon, then N and it's like, "get to the point already!" It went from a quirky sort of abridged series-styled comic (with Diamond and a bit of Ruby) into a semi-serious angsty comic with no focus. I'll admit, I'm no writer, but wow. I shouldn't have focused on the unnecessary stuff. I used the "tell don't show" bit way too many times. This is a comic, so I shouldn't have had that excuse. Especially since with comics, you have more freedom to illustrate and show what's going on without spewing exposition. It was just a mediocre, if not horrible, layout. I'm not even good at laying out comics. This is something I want to learn since I want to do some original work.

I'll admit, there are some positives that I got out of it. I got a pretty decent fanbase that was surprisingly patient with me! It's also pretty small, for the better since I kinda don't want to be REALLY popular...haha....I mean, some fame would be nice, but nothing too big, like a cult following. What also made me happy was that I kept suspense. When readers wanted to know what happened next, I enjoy that; really made me happy. I made some awesome new friends and nuzlocking encouraged me to start streaming, which is something I like to do now. I also learned more Photoshop techniques and about making comics, though I'm still not good at it. The reason I used MS Paint was just so I could be different and stand out from other Nuzlockes out there. I don't regret that, to be honest. I like using the program even to this day. Haha! Even though it's not a good program for professionals. God, I feel weird calling myself that. I'm not a professional. I still have lots to learn! For example, I'm still not good at drawing backgrounds! Working digitally is far different than painting on a real canvas.

Well, anyway...I already have 2 pages in progress, so those will be the last full ones. I might upload them both at the same time. And then that'll be it for the original comic layout.

I want to thank everyone for reading! Thank you all for everything you've done! Thank you! :heart:

:star: But wait. It's not entirely over. :star:

I promised I would make summaries with some narrative and illustrations. So that's what I plan to do. I know A LOT of nuzlockers get flack for doing summaries, but hey, if it's the only way to get to the end, then so be it. It will be done. Better to end it rather than shroud it in mystery and leave it incomplete, right? I know it won't be the same, but bear with me, please. I just don't know how to present it: as an abridged style like I did with Diamond, or with a picture or two with only narrative?

Honestly, this is helping me clear my thoughts. I have to admit, letting go is hard and I'll miss Eliza and the gang. They're like my children. But dropping the comic will help me want to focus on some original content. I have ideas, but I'm not even close to ready with presenting them. I also want to study animation and storyboarding. I also want to do non-cartoon art like paintings and such. So, I've got plans; important ones and I think letting go of the nuzlocke, while it's hard, will help me get closer to those goals.

And lastly...I've been thinking about leaving DeviantArt.

DeviantArt just doesn't know what it wants to be anymore. It was simple before, but it got out of control over the years I've been here. Things have changed and I feel like this website is just toxic. Lots of artists come and go and there's tons of art thieves and drama. And, to be honest, I've been bored of this site. I'm more active on my Tumblr and I'm going to make an Instagram for both my cartoon art and my non-cartoon art soon. I think the only thing I'll use this account for are checking messages, stream announcements, and stream/crack art.

I guess that's it.

Again, thank you for reading. :heart: Sorry for being a Debby Downer. ^^;
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I want to stream after my graduation! But what should it be about? 

33 deviants said Bad Movie stream
32 deviants said Drawing Pokemon From Memory/Pokedraw
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